The Hidden Beach of Marieta Island

There are so many beautiful beaches around the world to explore. And you might have been in many of these amazing beaches. But, this is a completely different beach - a unique destination for the adventure lovers. Yes, we are talking about the Hidden Beach of Marieta Island in Mexico. It is small hidden beach located in the Marieta Island in Mexico.

The Hidden Beach of Marieta Island.

The beach of Marieta Island is one of the most exclusive beaches in the world. Very few of the beautiful beaches around the world are as exclusive as the Hidden Beach of Marieta Islands. It is a unique beach and is regarded as one of the world's most attractive beaches. This incredible beach is located just a few miles off the coast of Mexico and is surrounded by beautiful natural scenery of the island.

The Hidden Beach of Marieta Island is protected from the intrusion of the world outside as it is situated in an almost invisible location. This has made it one of the sought after destinations in the world. It has become one of the most famous beaches in the world in recent times. The invisible location of the beach has played a large role in making it so popular. The Hidden Beach remains hidden from the outside world and is only accessible through an underground water tunnel in the island.

However, the hidden nature of the beach is not the only important characteristic of the beach. It is also attractive as a beach, one of the most attractive beaches in Mexico. The water in the Hidden Beach of Marieta Island is crystal clear. The blue color of the beach water makes it even more attractive. It can be best described as a hidden gem.

Here are some of the amazing pictures of the exclusive beach - The Hidden Beach of Marieta Island in Mexico.

Blue water of the Hidden Beach in Marieta Islands.

The Hidden Beach of Marieta Island from outside.


The Rock of Gutape - The Giant Rock in Antioquia, Colombia

The Rock of Guatape (El Peñón de Guatapé) is a giant rock formation in the municipality of Guatape in Antioguia, Colombia. Interestingly, two third of its height is below the ground and the exposed vertical face itself is over 200 meters high. The huge rock is visible from throughout the surrounding countryside and has become a popular tourist spot in Antioguia. There is a staircase built into one side of the the Rock of Guatape for visitors to scale it. The path includes more than 649 steps to the top that appears like a giant stitch holding the split rock together.

The Rock of Guatape was formed about 70 million years ago along the Antioquia Rock Base. The 10 million ton rock is almost entirely smooth and the top of the rock is fenced. On the flat top of the rock, there are gift shops and food courts along with the open-air viewing platform. Tourists can also enjoy the surrounding scenery while having snacks as food vendors offer outdoor tables overlooking vistas that stretch to the horizon in every direction. The beautiful Guatape Lake is also visible from the top of the giant rock. The Rock of Guatape was first scaled officially on July 1954 by three climbers using sticks embedded in the fissure on the rock. The staircase was built later for the visitors.

The Guatape Lake from the top of the Rock of Guatape.


National Martyrs' Memorial - The National Monument of Bangladesh

The National Martyrs' Memorial is the national monument of Bangladesh. Located in Savar, near the capital city Dhaka, it is one of the nations most iconic structures. The monument represents the sacrifice made by those who laid down their lives to liberate the country in the Liberation War of Bangladesh in 1971. The National Martyrs' Memorial is one of the most beautiful structures in the country. It is a fascinating structure as it changes its form when viewed from different angles.

Designed by renowned architect Moinul Hossain, the monument is composed of seven triangular planes. Each of the panes are of varying in size, with the middle one being the tallest. It is a triangular pyramid shaped structure and the highest point of the monument is 150 feet. The project of the National Martyrs’ Memorial was completed in three phases. The initial construction work began in July, 1972 and the construction completed in June, 1988.

The National Martyrs Memorial park is a great attractive destination for tourism. After the National Parliament building of Bangladesh, the National Martyrs Memorial is most safe and clean tourist location around Dhaka. It is a wonderful location far from hustle and bustle, where you can breath a bit fresh air compared to Dhaka city. Pleasantly laid out, with a beautiful water feature, gardens and trees, the monument is a nice thing to see. It looks nice at evening time but its full of people.


Mono Lake - An Amazing Saline Water Lake in California

Located in the high desert on the eastern slope of the Sierra Nevada Mountains in California, Mono Lake is one of the most amazing lakes in the USA. This incredible lake is a large saline water lake about eight thousand feet above the sea level. Mono Lake is the oldest lake in North America. It was formed at least 700,000 years ago. It is a beautiful lake with magical limestone towers on the surface.

This incredible lake was formed as a terminal lake in a basin that has no outlet to the ocean. The lack of an outlet means water entering the lake from Eastern Sierra streams leaves only through evaporation. This, in turn, results in high concentrations of salts and minerals being left behind in the lake.

The most prominent feature of this lake is its incredible tufa towers emerging from the surface of the lake. The tufa towers are limestone towers and occur naturally in the Mono Lake. These limestone towers form from the reaction when underwater springs (rich in calcium) mix with the waters of the lake (rich in carbonates).


Emirates Palace Hotel - Seven Star Luxury Hotel in Abu Dhabi, UAE

Emirates Palace Hotel is a seven star luxury hotel in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Located on the shores of the Arabian Gulf, overlooking its own private bay, it is one of the most beautiful hotels in the world. Emirates Palace Hotel is the most iconic landmark of Abu Dhabi, showcasing Arabian culture and hospitality at its finest. It is one of the most expensive hotels ever built in the world.

Emirates Palace Hotel was built in 2005, on 1.3 kilometer stretch of private beach, with a cost of about 4 billion US dollar. Set in 1,000 hectares of beautifully decorated landscape, the external architecture of the seven star luxury hotel boasts 114 impressive domes that are 80 meters high. Emirates Palace Hotel has 302 grand rooms and 92 suits and is operated by the Kempinski Hotel Group.


Most Beautiful Places in New Zealand

New Zealand is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. It is possibly the most beautiful country in the Pacific Ocean. New Zealand is naturally beautiful with snow-capped mountains, tropical beaches, raging rivers, majestic fjords, steaming hot-springs, ancient forests, spectacular caves and many more. The entire country is a natural wonder with so many gorgeous and unique places.

But which are the most beautiful places in such a beautiful country? I've done a little research and tried to present you the most beautiful places in New Zealand. Here we go...

1. Milford Sound

Milford Sound is undoubtedly the most beautiful place in New Zealand if not the most beautiful place on earth. It is a beautiful fjord with snow-capped peaks, roaring waterfalls and lush rain forests around it. Milford Sound cuts its way through land on its way down to the ocean. It is New Zealand's most famous tourist destination with stunning, beautiful and spectacular view of the nature.

2. Queenstown

Queenstown is one of New Zealand’s most beautiful places and is a popular tourist destination. It is a thrill seeking paradise surrounded by beautiful lakes and a set of mountains known for their spectacular beauty. Queenstown, which is home to the world's first commercial bungee site, is regarded as the adventure capital of the world.

3. Corromandel 

Located on the North Island, Corromandel is a beautiful peninsula to the east of Auckland. Swollen with sub-tropical rain forest, sea cliffs, pristine beaches, and charismatic towns, this peninsula is one of the most attractive destinations in New Zealand. Corromandel has over 400 kilometers of beautiful coastline and is a great place for surfing.

4. Tongariro Alpine Crossing

Located in the Tongariro National Park, Tongariro Alpine Crossing is one of New Zealand's most spectacular tramping tracks. It passes over varied and spectacular volcanic terrain. The Tongariro Alpine Crossing track is regarded as the best one-day tramp in New Zealand because of its dramatic scenery and unique land formations.

5. Ninety Mile Beach

Ninety Mile Beach is one of the longest and most beautiful stretches of sand in the world. Located on the western coast of the far north of the North Island, it is a 90-mile long stretch of pristine golden sand that separates the Gippsland Lakes from Bass Strait. It offers a wealth of beach activities from beach fishing and swimming to walking, whale and dolphin-spotting or just lazing in the sun.


Chand Baori - One of the Most Remarkable Landmarks in Rajasthan, India

Located in the village of Abhaneri near Jaipur, Chand Baori is one of the most remarkable landmarks in India. Built between the 8th and 9th century by King Chanda of the Nikumbha Dynasty, it is a famous step well. Chand Baori is possibly the largest, deepest and oldest step well in the Indian state of Rajasthan. It is also one of the oldest, deepest and largest step wells not only in India but also in the whole world.

Chand Baori is an incredible square structure with 3,500 narrow steps in 13 stories lined along the wall on three sides of the well that extend 100 feet into the ground. The steps are arranged in perfect symmetry and descends to the bottom of the well. Chand Baori is an excellent example of the architectural excellence prevalent in the past in the Indian subcontinent. The step well remained overlooked for years and lost its old glamor in course of time. Recent renovation has turned this old step well into one of  the most popular tourist attractions in India.

The state of Rajasthan is extremely arid. King Chanda built Chand Baori to conserve as much water as possible for his subjects. It provided the surrounding areas with a dependable water source for centuries before modern water supply systems were introduced.


Sigiriya Rock Fortress - An Amazing Archaeological Site in Sri Lanka

Sigiriya Rock Fortress, also known as the Lion Rock, is an amazing archaeological site in the central Matale District in North Central Sri Lanka. The main attraction of the site is a nearly 200-meter high massive column of granite rock. At the summit of the massive rock is a fortified palace built during the 5th century by King Kasyapa. Sigiriya Rock Fortress is one of the most beautiful places in Sri Lanka and has become a popular tourist destination in the country.

King Kasyapa built his palace on the top of the massive granite rock and decorated its sides with colorful frescoes. There are the two moats of the lower city at the foot of the rock surrounding the palace complex. The moats are defended by a massive wall and are decorated with terraced gardens and various pools. Sigiriya Rock Fortress is a world heritage site and the most visited historic site in Sri Lanka.

The palace is accessible through a stone stairway leading from the base to the top of the rock. There is giant pair of lions paws about half the way to the top and the evidence shows that the lion structure was originally much larger and extended. The royal palace was abandoned after the king's death in 495 and the ruins of various chambers, stairways and pools remain today.


10 Most Dangerous Mountains in the World

Climbing mountains is not an easy task. There are a number of risk factors involved. The level of danger varies from mountain to mountain. Height is an important factor, but it is not always the main factor that makes a mountain dangerous to climb. For instance, the highest mountain in the world is not the toughest mountain to climb. Some mountains in the world are deadly and nearly impossible to conquer. Many people have died attempting to climb these deadly monsters. Here is our list of 10 most dangerous mountains in the world.

1. Annapurna

The Annapurna is considered as the most dangerous mountain in the world to climb. It recorded the highest fatality-to-summit ratio - a staggering 38%. Most of these deaths were due to avalanches and the ascent via the difficult south face of the mountain.

2. K2

The K2 is among the most dangerous mountains in the world to climb. It has the second-highest fatality rate among the high mountains - about 25%. For this reason, the K2 is known as the Savage Mountain. The Chinese side of the mountain is the most dangerous.

3. Kangchenjunga

Kangchenjunga is the third toughest mountain to climb with a fatality-to-summit ratio of 22%. However, it recorded the highest fatality rate among the highest mountains in recent years (from 1990 and after). The danger is mainly posed by the unpredictable weather, ice, and avalanches.

4. Nanga Parbat

Nanga Parbat is nicknamed as the Man Eater. It has seen death of approximately 5.5% of all the climbers who have attempted it. The danger is posed due to the 15,000 feet high south face, which is the highest mountain face in the world.

5. Eiger

The Eiger is another tough mountain to climb because of the north face of the peak. The north face of the Eiger continues to challenge climbers of all abilities with both its technical difficulties and the heavy rockfall that rakes the face.

6. Baintha Brakk

Baintha Brakk is among the most difficult mountains to climb in the world mainly due to the combination of a steep, craggy granite tower and high altitude. It took 24 years between the first ascent in 1977 and the second ascent in 2001.

7. Mt. Everest

More that 1,500 people have climbed the highest mountain in the world. Still it is among the most dangerous mountains in the world because of the extreme altitude of Everest. Even the extreme weather can make it an undeniably dangerous objective.

8. Mt. Vinson

Mt. Vinson is dangerous to climb because of its isolation, combined with the extreme cold and unpredictable weather of Antarctica. Even a small accident in this extreme weather could be disastrous and fatal for any climbers.

9. Matterhorn

The Matterhorn is one of the most dangerous peaks in the Swiss Alps. The peak is prone to avalanches and rockfalls, making it extremely hazardous. In addition to this threat, the paths get overcrowded in this peak making it one of the fearsome mountains to climb.

10. Mt. McKinley

Mt. McKinley, also known as Denali, is the highest mountain in North America. Though its altitude is only 20,320 feet, the altitude, weather, and extreme temperature of the mountain pose a serious danger for mountaineers who climb it. 


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