The Alps - The White Lady of Europe

The Alps are one of the great mountain range systems in the world. They are located in south-central Europe, to the immediate north of the Mediterranean Sea. The Alps are one of the most beautiful mountain ranges in Europe.

The Alps stretch approximately 1,200 kilometers across eight European countries - from Austria and Slovenia in the east, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Germany, France to the west and Italy and Monaco to the south.

The Alps are considered to be one of  the most beautiful mountain ranges anywhere in the world. They are divided into many different ranges throughout the 8 countries that they span. All the ranges offer opportunities to see the natural beauty of the great mountains.

The Alps contain many peaks higher than 4,000 meter. Among these Mont Blanc is the highest mountain at 4,807 meter. It is so naturally beautiful that it is nicknamed La Dame Blanche in French, literally translating to The White lady.

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