Milford Sound - The Most Beautiful Place in New Zealand

Milford Sound is one of the most beautiful places on the planet. Some people even describe this place as the most beautiful place on earth. Rudyard Kipling famously titled Milford Sound as 'the eighth wonder of the world'. It is undoubtedly the most beautiful place in New Zealand.

Milford Sound is a fjord on New Zealand’s South Island that is encompassed within the Fiordland National Park. The fjord is formed from a melting glacier which cuts its way through land on its way down to the ocean.

Milford Sound is a place that can be described as stunning, spectacular and paradise. It is a place with breath-taking natural beauty of the world. Milford Sound is New Zealand’s most famous tourist destination. It is not a place that can be easily forgotten.

Milford Sound is surrounded by lush rain forests. There are snow-capped peaks rising thousands of meters above the Tasman Sea. There are roaring waterfalls tumbling into the sea. The area is also known for its attractiveness to animals, with many different varieties of fish living in the water, as well as seals and dolphins.

A cruise in Milford Sound can be an experience of a lifetime. It will take you right through the fjord to the ocean and will give you the opportunity to discover the place fully. It will also take you right up to the great waterfalls. It will allow you to see the seal colonies and even dolphins swimming alongside your boat.

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