Morro Rock - An Amazing Volcanic Plug in USA

Located just off the coastline of Morro Bay, in California, USA, Morro Rock is a volcanic plug. This amazing volcanic neck rises 581 feet (177 meter) above the sea at the entrance to Morro Bay Harbor. Morro Rock is connected with the shore by a causeway. Local people call it the Rock and it the Salinan and Chumash tribes consider Morro Rock to be a sacred site.

Morro Rock is protected as the Morro Rock State Preserve. For this reason, climbing on the rock is illegal for the general public. Even disturbing the birds around it is forbidden. One can only visit the area surrounding the base of the Rock. However, the Salinan and Chumash tribes have exemption to legally climb Morro Rock for an annual ceremonies.

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juliana juan said...
July 4, 2014 at 5:48 PM

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