Crescent Lake - Beautiful Crescent Shaped Lake in China

Located 6 kilometers south of the Dunhuang City, China, Crescent Lake is a beautiful crescent-shaped lake. The lake is also known as Yueyaquan in Chinese. Another important feature of the lake is its crystal clear water. Its water is so pure and clear that it looks like an emerald jewel in the sand. There is a pagoda along the side of the Crescent Lake.

Crescent Lake lake has been in existence for at least two thousand years. However, it has been gradually disappearing for the last few decades. In recent years, local government started to fill the lake and restore it to its previous depth with the help of the central government. Crescent Lake has become a popular tourist spot. The street there is lined with souvenir stalls and many tourists ride camels here to get to the summit of the sand dunes.

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