Faroe Islands - Picturesque Islands in North Atlantic Ocean

Located halfway between Iceland and Norway, in the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean, the Faroe Islands are a group of 18 picturesque islands. They are among the most beautiful islands in the world with over a hundred picturesque villages throughout the islands. The countryside of the Faroe Islands is dominated by steep mountains, vertical sea cliffs and picturesque valleys. The islands become extraordinarily green during the summer.

Faroe Islands are inhabited by a population of nearly 50,000. The inhabitants have their own language and culture. Most of the people live in villages situated near the ocean. The villages in Faroe Islands seem very much alike with houses painted either in bright colors or traditional black. The houses are often turf covered and usually built very close to each other.

Faroe Islands are popular tourist destinations because of the picturesque villages in the middle of the ocean. The islands attract more visitors during summer as the islands turn extremely green at this time.

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