Sala Silvermine in Sweden - World's Deepest Hotel Located 155 Meters Underground

Sala Silvermine is a historic mine in Sala Municipality, in the county of Vastmanland in southwest Sweden. It was in continuous production from the 15th century until 1908. The mine is mainly known for its high silver content. At most, 3-5 million tons of rock were mined from which around 450 tons of silver and about 35,000 tons of lead were extracted. Today the mine is home to a unique hotel - Hotel Sala Silvermine, the world's deepest hotel.

Sala Silvermine is one of the world’s best preserved mine settings. The maximum depth of the mine is 318.6 meters and has a length of over 20 kilometers. Due to its huge size, Sala Silvermine is placed among the top 5 big and historical silver mines in the world.

Today the mine functions mostly as an attraction, where guided tours down in the mine are arranged. Concerts and other entertainment are arranged in the big empty rooms in the mine. But the most attractive feature of Sala Silvermine is its underground suite. The suit is located 155 meters underground in a precious settings and you can spend a night there. Sala Silvermine is regarded as the deepest hotel in the world.

Sala Silvermine is quite a remarkable place to visit and to spend a night in the underground suite. This unusual hotel in the former mine will appeal to travelers with quirkier tastes. If you're after a taste of the unusual should not miss out on the unique chance to visit the Sala Silvermine, the deepest hotel in the world.

Source: Wikipedia and Hotel Sala Silvermine

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