Utter Inn - Underwater Swedish Hotel

Utter Inn is a floating, underwater hotel, where you sleep in an underwater aquarium. It offers an underwater accommodation for the public where the bedroom is 10 feet beneath the surface of Lake Mälaren in Västerås, Sweden. It is a single room hotel and contains only twin beds and a table.

The Utter Inn is the brainchild of Mikael Genberg, a local artist and sculptor who has chosen to focus on making art for the public. The facility is entered through a typical Swedish red house located on the surface of the water. The hotel room has windows on every wall and it offers a different kind of view.

Guests of Utter Inn can use an inflateable canoe to visit the closest uninhabited island. They can also swim, sunbathe or watch the fish both from upstairs and downstairs at the hotel. It's a remarkable feeling to go to bed while the fish surround and watch you carefully.

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