Abisko in Sweden - A Perfect Place to See Northern Lights

Abisko is a village near the Abisko National Park in the province of Lapland in northern Sweden. It is widely known because of the Aurora Borealis or the Northern Lights. Abisko is regarded as one of the most perfect places on earth to witness the displays of natural lights in the sky - the Northern Lights.

Abisko is a pleasant Swedish village to visit and famous for its natural beauty. However, it attracts thousands of tourists each year is not for what it has on the ground, but more for what it has to offer up above. Thousands of tourists gather here to see the beauty of the Northern Lights on the sky.

Abisko is a hot spot for winter adventures as well as summer hiking in the midnight sun. It is the start of Sweden's best known skiing and hiking route – the 440 km long the King's Trail.

In Abisko you can do many things throughout the year. In winter you can trek through boreal forests and hike along fjords, canyons and waterfalls. In winter you can go Alpine, off-piste or Nordic skiing and even try telemark skiing.

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