10 Beautiful Places And Colorful Landscapes - Part I

Discover the beauty of the planet. Here is a breathtaking collection of landscape photos from all around the world. I love pictures of beautiful places and landscapes and I collect amazing pictures of natural scenery. And I like to share my favorite pictures with everyone. Here I'm sharing a collection of some amazingly beautiful pictures of some awesome places around the world. The pictures are real and I hope you will love to see these beautiful images.

The Lau Archipelago in Fiji. Located two hundred miles east of Fiji's main island, the Lau Archipelago is spectacular group of islands in the Pacific Ocean. It consists of about one hundred islands and islets. The attractions here are spectacular unspoiled scenery, a rich undersea environment ripe for exploration, and villages that still honor the old Fijian ways. 

Mosel river bike route in Germany. Many bicycle tourists rank cycling along the Mosel River among the best in Europe. The scenery along the Moselle river is characterized by sunny vineyards, steep hillsides, picturesque wine villages and romantic towns. The Moselle cycle route follows the course of the river, offering not only beautiful panoramas but is also almost climb-free. This Mosel river bike route is filled with history and culture.

Beautiful snow covered road in the state of Alaska, United States. Alaska is a great land of ice and snow situated on the top of the world. Many people visit Alaska just to immerse themselves in the stunning beauty of roads less traveled.

The world famous Victoria Falls of Africa. It's the largest waterfall in the world. The Victoria Waterfall is situated on the Zambezi River at the border of Zambia and Zimbabwe. Victoria Falls is one of the most spectacular Natural Wonders of the World. It is among the most spectacular waterfalls in the world.

This is the aerial view of the famous Galle Fort. It's located in the city of Galle in southern part Sri Lanka. The fort is said to have been built nearly 500 years ago. The fort is still intact and is one of the world heritage sites in Sri Lanka.

Beautiful Skardu Valley in Pakistan. Located in the northern area of the country, the Skardu Valley is one of the natural wonders of Pakistan. It is known as the mountaineers' paradise around the world. It attracts a large number of trekkers and mountaineers from all parts of the world during the summer.

This one is rather a simple scenery and yet great. The green trees on both sides of the road made it a scene to watch.

In this photograph you see sheep grazing in a green pasture in English and Welsh border. It's an amazing scenery with blue sky.

Part of beautiful city of Paris as seen from the famous Eiffel Tower. There are so many old buildings and most of them are more than a hundred years old. Many people consider Paris to be the world's most beautiful city.

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