Srimangal - The Tea Capital of Bangladesh

Srimangal - the Tea Capital of Bangladesh is situated in Moulvibazar District. It is just 190 kilometers from Dhaka and about 100 kilometers from the north-eastern city of Sylhet. Srimangal is one of the most picturesque and enjoyable parts of the country. The lush green tea estates, rubber gardens, lemon orchards and pineapple plantations always attract the tourist.

Bangladesh produces and exports a large quantity of high quality tea every year and most tea plantations are situated around Srimangal. Bangladesh Tea Research Institute (BTRI) is situated here and you can learn how tea is produced. A short stay at a tea estate would be a highlight of any visit to Bangladesh. For miles around there are tea estates and you will see a perennially green carpet of tea plants on the sloping hills in Srimangal. It is one area where it is possible to look around and not see another human being. 

Lawachara Rainforest, only eight kilometers from Srimangal town, is an important and well-preserved rainforest in Bangladesh. The park is home to a large diversity of about 460 species among which 167 are plants, 4 amphibian species, 6 reptile species, 246 bird species and 20 mammal species. Bee-eater owls, parrots are found here. So for bird watchers it is a must to visit this place. It is the habitat of white browed Gibbons, hornbills and many other rare animals and birds.

Madhabpu Lake is another interesting place to visit in Srimangal. It is situated at Madhabpur Tea Estate, about 15 kilometers off Srimangal town. The lake is about 3 kilometers long and dotted with serried range of hills. This lake is a sanctuary for many migratory birds.

The good percentage of ethnic people has increased the attraction of this place. Tripura, Garo, Khasia and Monipuri are important among them. You will be inspired to visit the colorful Monipuri tribal culture. Explore also Khashia, Garo and Tripura life style.

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