Skardu Valley - One of the Natural Wonders of Pakistan

Pakistan is blessed with sights that are incredibly beautiful. Mother Nature has been very kind to Pakistan when it comes to natural beauty. The Skardu Valley is one of the natural wonders of Pakistan.

The 10km wide and 40km long Skardu Valley is located in the Northern Areas of Pakistan. With the nearby lakes and mountains, it is an important tourist location in Pakistan.

The Skardu Valley is a landscape of towering mountains, deep gorges, crashing waterfalls and quiet lakes. It is situated at the confluence of the River Shigar and and the River Indus. Perched at a height of 2286 meters, Skardu offers a cool and bracing climate.

The Skardu Valley is known as a mountaineers' paradise. It attracts a large number of trekkers and mountaineers from all parts of the world during the summer. Nowhere in the world does one find such a large collection of lofty peaks and huge glaciers.

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