Khagrachari - A Place of Wild Beauty

Khagrachari, also spelled as Khagrachhari, is a hilly district in south-eastern Bangladesh. It is a part the Chittagong Hill Tracts along with Rangamati and Bandarban. Khagrachari is a place of wild natural beauty. The natural color would drench your spirits to the simplistic, yet an arrogant beauty of the eldest daughter of the Hill-Tracks, Khagrachari. It is a place worth visiting for the green lovers.

Khagrachari is full of hills, forest and waterfalls. Many tribal groups live in Khagrachari and it is rich in tribal lifestyle. It is also the home of many wild animals and birds. Mother nature displays its wild beauty in this hilly area.

Some of the most important tourist attractions of Khagrachari include: Alutila Mysterious Cave, Richhang Waterfall, Dighinala Touduchhori Waterfall, Nunchhori Debota Pond, Dighinala Manikker Dighi, Shajek and Marissa Vally, Yonged Buddha Bihar, and Panichari Brihot Buddha sculpture.

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