Photos of Beautiful Tea Gardens in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is famous for beautiful green tea gardens. There are more than 160 beautiful tea gardens in this country. Bangladesh is one of the major tea producing country in the world with a production capacity of 50-60 million kg. Most of these tea gardens are in the hilly region of Sylhet and Chittagong. The natural scenery of these tea gardens is a breathtaking beauty to watch. For miles around there are beautiful green tea plantations. You will see a perennially green carpet of tea plants on the sloping hills in these tea gardens. 

Bangladesh produces a huge amount of quality tea every year. A large amount of it is exported in different countries around the world. Tea gardens are highly important for the economy of the country. Tea is one of the main export products of this country and a large number of people in Bangladesh are involved in tea production. Tea gardens, especially those in Sylhet, are popular tourist attractions in the country.

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