The Blood Falls of Antarctica

The Blood Falls is an unusual waterfall in Antarctica. The color of the water in this falls is red. This curious blood-red colored water flows from a crack in the Taylor Glacier in the McMurdo Dry Valleys of Antarctica. The Blood Falls was discovered for the first time by geologist Griffith Taylor in 1911.

At first, the red color was thought to have come from an algae. However, it was later discovered that the source of the red color was an iron-rich underground saltwater lake. Because of the presence of high amount of iron, the lake water is red and it doesn't freeze even though the temperature of the water is -5 Celsius.

But scientists from Harvard University have started to uncover another secret behind the red color water of the Blood Falls. According to them, the water of the underground lake is home to an entire ecosystem of bacteria, trapped for millions of years in conditions that are extremely inhospitable to life.

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