The Evolution Tower in Moscow - One of the Most Beautiful Structues in the World

The Evolution Tower is a skyscraper currently under construction as part of the Moscow International Business Center in Moscow, Russia. The building which will be 250 meters high resembles two ribbons wrapping around each other. The Evolution Tower will become one of the main parts of project - Moscow City.

Project architect designed the Evolution Tower in collaboration with Scottish artist Karen Forbes. The organic form of the building mixes passion and drama with a conventional square footprint ideal for offices and other commercial uses. The detailed design reflects on the use of the spiral in earlier Russian architecture and proposing a dynamic composition which dramatically alters from different vantage points in the city.

One of the main features of the Evolution Tower is its twisting design. Each floor is twisted 3° in relation to the preceding one whilst being arranged around the central core of the building. Due to the fact that each of the 52 upper floors is constantly twisted by 3°, the skyscraper experiences an elegant rotational movement in a clockwise direction from the base to the top by more than 150°.

Construction of the Evolution Tower began in 2007. It is currently under construction is being constructed by Renaissance Construction company. Every week, Moscow's new landmark is gaining 4.30 meters in height.  As of May 2013 they are working on the 47th floor of the building. The building is planned to be completed in the second half of 2013.

When completed, the Evolution Tower in Moscow will be among the highest structures in Russia and Europe. It will also be one of the most beautiful structures in the world. "Ours is not going to be the tallest, but the most beautiful," Mr Kettle said.

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