HSB Turning Torso - The Tallest Skyscraper in Sweden

HSB Turning Torso is one of the highest buildings in the world and the third tallest residential building in Europe. It is the tallest skyscraper in Sweden and the Nordic countries. HSB Turning Torso was the tallest building in Scandinavia in 2005.

HSB Turning Torso is a 190 meter tall concrete and steel tower that turns 90 degrees from bottom to top. The building is constructed in nine segments of five-story pentagons. These segments twist as the building rises and the topmost segment is twisted 90 degrees clockwise with respect to the ground floor. This twisting feature has made the building one of the unique towers in the world.

The project was designed by the Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava. The design was based in form on his sculpture Turning Torso. The HSB Turning Torso is located at the West Harbor of the Malmo city in Sweden. The tower reaches a height of 190 meters (623 feet) with 54 stories. It was completed in 2005.

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Rally nice building

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