Richat Structure - The Eye of the Sahara

The Richat Structure is a prominent circular feature in the Sahara desert of west-central Mauritania. This huge circular formation somewhat resembles a human eye when looked upon from space. The Richat Structure is a deeply eroded dome and has a diameter of almost 40 kilometers.

The Richat Structure in the Sahara desert of Mauritania has attracted attention since the earliest space missions because of its form. The earliest space missions used it as a landmark and the adventurous 4x4 enthusiasts today consider it to be their playground. It has become an interesting place in a rather featureless expanse of the desert.

However, the origin of the Richat Structure is still unknown. Initially this circular structure in the Sahara was interpreted as a meteorite impact structure because of its high degree of circularity. But now it is now thought to be merely a symmetrical uplift that has been laid bare by erosion.

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