Blue Moon Valley in Yunnan Province of China

Blue Moon Valley is a beautiful valley in Shangrila, near Lijiang, in Yunnan province of China. It is a crescent shaped valley at the bottom of the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. The water in the valley looks blue when it is sunny. The valley looks like a blue moon when seen from the distance. Thus it wins the beautiful name Blue Moon Valley.

Blue Moon Valley gets the water out of the melting snow that runs from the east of the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. The water runs through a river called Baishui River. The thawing water from the snow mountain looks white when it is rainy. This beautiful river has amazing natural white water terraces.

Blue Moon valley is highly appreciated for its sightseeing availability. It is one of the most beautiful places in China with the diverse combination of multi-elementary features, including snow peaks, forests, flowers, gorges, meadows, lakes and caves. Cable, in this attraction, has began to serve since 2006. This cable is the longest one in Yunnan Province with a length of 4,190 meters.

Photo Credit: stevie0020

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