Patenga Sea Beach - Known for Beautiful Sunset in Bangladesh

Patenga Beach in Chittagong is one of the most beautiful sea beaches in Bangladesh. Located around 20 kilometers from the port city of Chittagong, the beach stretches for miles where the river Karnaphuli meets the Bay of Bengal. Patenga Beach is one of the most popular tourist spots in Bangladesh.

Patenga Beach is famous for the scenic sunrise and sunset. The beach is quite sandy with a few rocky patches here and there. However, the beach is quite narrow in width. There are large blocks of stones close to the seashore which have been laid out to prevent erosion. The ample presence of these large blocks of stones have made Patenga a unique sea beach.

Patenga Beach is known for its stunning views of both sunset and sunrise. Most people visit this beach just to watch the breathtaking view of sunset over the water. Many visitors enjoy boat trips onto the waves of the Bay of Bengal. Patenga Beach is a diverse, fascinating and, above all, an extremely beautiful beach to visit.

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Imaji Tour said...
August 15, 2014 at 4:36 PM

cool man, its great beach.
hmm, do you wanna come in Belitung? This place has a good beach too.

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