15 Most Beautiful Valleys of Pakistan

Pakistan is blessed with sights that are beautiful beyond words. It has become a tourists paradise as it
has an abundance of natural beauty. The northern area of Pakistan provide some of the breathtaking and picturesque places no where to be found on the world map. Some of the most beautiful valleys on earth lie in this part of the country. This area of Pakistan is known as "Paradise on Earth" because the charm of the beautiful valleys. Below are photos of 15 of the most beautiful valleys of Pakistan.

Kaghan Valley - Pakistan

Kunar Valley - Pakistan

Hunza Valley - Pakistan

Kurram Valley - Pakistan

Nagar Valley - Pakistan

Leepa Valley - Pakistan

Naltar Valley - Pakistan

Naran Valley - Pakistan

Rupal Valley - Pakistan

Samahni Valley - Pakistan

Shigar Valley - Pakistan

Skardu Valley - Pakistan

Soon Valley - Pakistan

Yasin Valley - Pakistan

Swat Valley - Pakistan

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Amy Alex said...
April 24, 2013 at 4:31 PM

Pakistan is home of mountain ranges there are many lakes present in mountains area which are natural 100% for visiting those areas we are going to book flights to Islamabad from Heathrow as my father and my whole family loves to pass holidays in the hilly areas of Pakistan.

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