Lawachara Rain Forest - A Major Nature Reserve in Bangladesh

Lawachara Rain Forest is a major nature reserve in Bangladesh. It is one of the most important rain forests in the country. To preserve the wildlife within the forest the government of Bangladesh declared it as a national park. Lawachara Rain Forest is located in the northeastern region of the country at Kamalganj Upazila, Moulvibazar District.

Lawachara Rain Forest is home to a large diversity of about 460 species. One of this is the critically endangered western hoolock gibbons. Leopards, deer, wild chicken, wild bore, squirrel, python, even king cobra are among the other inhabitants of this forest. It is an ideal place to visit especially for the bird watchers.

It covers approximately 12.5 squire kilometers of semi-evergreen forests and mixed deciduous forests. Lawachara Rain Forest is becoming a very popular tourist spot in the country. It offers an opportunity to indulge in the nature close to the wildlife using numerous trails in the forest. You can enjoy hiking and walking deep into the forest and become a part of the mother nature.

Different tribal people live on hill tops around this rain forest. Among the tribal groups Khasias and Manipuris are the main inhabitants. You can visit these people and get acquainted to their customs and lifestyle.

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