7 Amazing Glass Houses in the World

Living in a house made of glass can be an exciting experience for anyone. And owning a glass house can be just amazing. There are enthusiast people in this planet and they do some extraordinary things. Some people build amazing glass houses. Here are some of the interesting and beautiful glass houses from around the world. These are just some example of awesome architecture.

1. Church Point Home

Location: Pittwater, Australia

2. Philip Johnson's Glass House

Location: New Canaan, Connecticut

3. The Stahl House

Location: Los Angeles, California

4. Farnsworth House

Location: Plano, Illinois

5. Jodlowa House

Location: Krakow, Poland

6. Catskill Mountain House

Location: West Shokan, New York

7. The Dune House

Location: Suffolk, United Kingdom

1 Responses to “7 Amazing Glass Houses in the World”

David Paul said...
September 18, 2014 at 6:23 PM

Definitely! Having own glass house must be amazing. I love to explore such kind of unique buildings. Cloud Gate (mirror-like surface building) is also an excellent example of unique architecture; that I used to visit during a Chicago tour with bus from pittsburgh to Philadelphia. This sculpture is nicknamed The Bean. Its highly polished stainless steel plates reflect the famous skyline of Chicago as well as the clouds above.

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