The X House - An Extraordinary House in Barcelona

There are billions of houses on the planet but only few of these homes stand out in style. There are people who like to build beautiful and extraordinary houses. The X House in Barcelona is one of these magnificent extraordinary houses. It looks like an X from the top and is situated on a hilltop. The X House is an amazingly designed house in the picturesque outskirts of Barcelona. Built by the architects Cadaval & Sola-Morales, this X shaped house is located right on the hillside in Cabrils. The X house is an example of superb creativity and grand architecture.

The shape of the house is interesting and it achieves several design goals. It provides wonderful spectacular views of the valleys underneath from the house on hill top. It helps to concentrate on the breathtaking beauty of the valley avoiding looking towards the surroundings of the house. The X house is really an extraordinary house to spend your time and enjoy the beautiful nature around.

Some rare and unique techniques were used to build the magnificent structure. The access to the house is possible from a street-side, located at the top of the two levels. The X house has two floors and parking zone. Would you like to spend some time in this beautiful and extraordinary house?

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