Lalakhal - An Evergreen Place in Bangladesh

Lalakhal is a beautiful location in Sylhet, the northeastern region of Bangladesh. The place is renowned for the greenish-blue water of Sharee River, hilly tracks, tea-gardens and the lush of greenery. In the winter season, the river bed resembles a white sea beach with crystal clear water. It is ideal for swimming, boating and lying on the beach in the sun. In the monsoon Lalakhal becomes greener and it is a beauty to watch.

Lalakhal is accessible through Sharee River, which is famous for its high-quality sand for construction. The water in the river is greenish-blue and appropriate for river cruising. The boat journey to the Lalakhal through the this river can be an amazing experience to anyone. You can watch the mountain range of Meghalaya from the boat journey.

Lalakhal is somewhat unfamiliar to the tourist but undoubtedly an ecstatic place of interest. However, the place is gaining popularity to tourists from both home and abroad. Nazimgarh Resort in Lalakhal provides its private hilltop camp site and observation point. For those who like to trek, there are miles of interesting paths among the hills and tea gardens.

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