Tunnel of Love in Klevan, Ukraine (15 Photos)

Located near the city of Klevan in Ukraine, the Tunnel of Love is a beautiful green tunnel. This two miles long magical tunnel is considered as one of the most romantic places in Ukraine. It is among the most beautiful tunnels in the world. The Tunnel of Love has become a major tourist attraction of Klevan, especially to the young lovers. Local people believe that any sincere wish in this magical tunnel comes true. The name of the tunnel is derived from this myth.

The Tunnel of Love is originally a train tunnel covered by heavy trees. The tunnel was formed over a period of several years as the passing train molded the trees’ lines. It has become a popular spot among local lovers to gather. Hence, this beautiful and romantic place is named the Tunnel of Love. The fame of the glorious green Klevan train tunnel has spread and people from other countries are also coming to see this amazing Tunnel of Love.

Photos © Oleg Gordienko / Amos Chapple / Rex Features

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