Waw an Namus - A Tourist Destination in Libyan Desert

Located in one of the remotest destinations in Libya, Waw an Namus is an extinct volcanic crater deep in the Sahara desert. This volcanic field which is about 4 kilometer wide and surrounded by a 10 to 20 kilometer wide dark-black deposit of ash has become one of the most popular destinations in Libya. Waw an Namus is popular among tourists who visit the Libyan desert in general and the Fezzan region in particular.

 Photo Credit: George Steinmetz

Waw an Namus is home to three small salt lakes and occurrence of reasonably potable water close to salt lakes is a common phenomenon in the Sahara. Due to the presence of fresh water at this remote volcano, Waw an Namus was always an important watering point for the caravans en route. Interestingly enough, the name “Waw an Namus” means the "Oasis of Mosquitoes", or "The Crater of the Mosquitoes." This is because of the fact that the surrounding small lakes are infested with mosquitoes.

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