To Sua Ocean Trench - A Natural Swimming Hole in Samoa

To Sua Ocean Trench is a natural swimming hole located in the village of Lotofaga on the south coast of Upolu island in Samoa. To Sua means 'big hole' in English. This 30 meter deep hole has been converted into a swimming area. Surrounded with beautiful colorful gardens, To Sua is an amazing site for swimming and nature photography. To Sua Ocean Trench has become one of the most attractive sites on the Upolu island.

There is a large ladder and a small dock installed on site for visitors to access the 30 meters deep seawater in the swimming hole. The site is open everyday from 7am to 6pm and can be accessed by paying an entrance fee. There are few other sites located in To Sua including Blowholes and an incredible small beach on the western side.

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