Christine Falls - An Amazing Waterfall in the United States

Located about 100 kilometers southeast of Seattle, in the United States, Christine Falls is an amazing waterfall. Christine falls has two waterfalls - a 32 feet (9.8 meters) high upper drop and a 37 foot (11 meters) high lower drop. The two drops make a total height of 69 feet (21 meters). Interestingly, there is a bridge between the two drops. Christine Falls is possibly best known for the bridge spanning above the lower drop.

Photo by Daniel Ewert

Photo by Mr.Z-man

However, the bridge makes it almost impossible to photograph the two falls together. For this reason, the lower drop is more popular and more photographed. It is probably one of the most commonly photographed locations in the Mount Rainier area. The falls was named in honor of Christine Van Trump, the daughter of P. B. Van Trump, who accompanied her father on an ascent of Mount Rainier in 1889, at an age of just nine.

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