White Cliffs of Dover - Magnificent Coastal Site in England

The White Cliffs of Dover are magnificent coastal site which form part of the English coastline overlooking the English Channel. They are among the most spectacular natural features of England. The White Cliffs of Dover have great symbolic value in Britain and have been a sign of hope and freedom for centuries.

Impressive and dramatic, the White Cliffs of Dover are part of the North Downs formation. The White Cliffs of Dover reach up to 300 feet in height and stretch for 10 miles to the east and west of the town of Dover. The cliff face owes its striking facade to its composition of chalk accentuated by streaks of black flint. The cliffs spread east and west from the town of Dover in the county of Kent, an ancient and still important English port. These towering escarpments, stretching 10 miles along the coast, guard England from its enemies. 

The White Cliffs of Dover keep watch as a citadel over the southern entrance into the Strait of Dover, which separates England from France. The cliffs face towards Continental Europe across the narrowest part of the English Channel where invasions have historically threatened. These white cliffs form a symbolic guard for the country because crossing at Dover was the primary route to the continent before the advent of air travel.

Inside the cliffs there are dozens of hidden tunnels that were carved initially in the Middle Ages. The tunnels later were enlarged by prisoners held in Dover Castle as secret wartime tunnels. These tunnels were used largely throughout the Napoleonic Wars and also in the World War II.

The White Cliffs of Dover are one of England’s most recognizable landmarks. They offer unrivaled views of the busy English Channel and the French coast. The beauty of the cliffs can be enjoyed through the seasons by taking a walk along the cliffs. The cliffs can also be appreciated by taking a boat tour.

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