Glencoe - Scotland's Most Spectacular And Beautiful Glen

Glencoe is a glen in the Highlands of Scotland. It is considered as one of the most spectacular and beautiful places in Scotland. It is perhaps Scotland's most famous and most scenic glen. Recently, Glencoe was voted as Scotland's most romantic glen.

Glencoe is famous for its landscape - it is home to some of the most spectacular mountains in the UK. It is about 16 kilometer long with the valley floor less than 700 meter wide. There are beautiful towering mountains rising sharply from the valley floor to heights of around 900 meter.

The magical Glencoe combines the world famous scenery with history and is one of the highlights of any trip to Scotland. It is arguably Scotland’s most historic glen. Glencoe is one of the most popular holiday centre for hillwalking and mountaineering. It is also an ideal base from which to explore the Highlands of Scotland.

There are some beautiful and high peaks such as Bidean nam Bian – which stands 3,773 foot tall. The River Coe is available for you to kayak in. With so much beauty, you're bound to simply admiring this wonderful part of the world. The glen is virtually uninhabited.

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