The Rock of Gutape - The Giant Rock in Antioquia, Colombia

The Rock of Guatape (El Peñón de Guatapé) is a giant rock formation in the municipality of Guatape in Antioguia, Colombia. Interestingly, two third of its height is below the ground and the exposed vertical face itself is over 200 meters high. The huge rock is visible from throughout the surrounding countryside and has become a popular tourist spot in Antioguia. There is a staircase built into one side of the the Rock of Guatape for visitors to scale it. The path includes more than 649 steps to the top that appears like a giant stitch holding the split rock together.

The Rock of Guatape was formed about 70 million years ago along the Antioquia Rock Base. The 10 million ton rock is almost entirely smooth and the top of the rock is fenced. On the flat top of the rock, there are gift shops and food courts along with the open-air viewing platform. Tourists can also enjoy the surrounding scenery while having snacks as food vendors offer outdoor tables overlooking vistas that stretch to the horizon in every direction. The beautiful Guatape Lake is also visible from the top of the giant rock. The Rock of Guatape was first scaled officially on July 1954 by three climbers using sticks embedded in the fissure on the rock. The staircase was built later for the visitors.

The Guatape Lake from the top of the Rock of Guatape.